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ARCH Studies & Outputs

ARCH Studies & Outputs

ARCH Studies and Reports

Reviewing options for further integration of AR and ARD towards a new policy frameworks (December 2014)

This ARCH Study shows that many societal challenges need global research efforts to be adequately addressed and AR and ARD thematic priorities increasingly overlap. But aligning AR and ARD investments requires coordination and new models of cooperation. Multistakeholders partnerships based on long term commitments, are also necessary (Study).

AR – ARD Intersection Study (February 2014)

Resulting from a joint ARCH AKIS Workshop, this Policy Brief describes the best strategies for intercontinental research and innovation partnerships, towards greater impact on global challenges (AR - ARD Intersection Study Report + Briefing Paper).

Knowledge Management Study (February 2014)

This ARCH Study concludes that enhanced cooperation between European funders of agricultural research (AR or ARD) is possible, at various levels, and would result in improved efficiency of investments and increased impact on global issues (ARCH KMS Study Report +ARCH KMS Study Annex)

Case Studies (January -April 2014)

 A compilation of brief studies of linkages between AR and ARD in various countries:

Austria January 2014
Cyprus January 2014
Finland January 2014
France January 2014
Germany April 2014
Ireland December 2013
Italy April 2014
Netherlands April 2014
Spain December 2013
UK January 2014
SCAR EIARD ERA-ARD Task Force paper