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Mode of Operation

Mode of Operation

ARCH - European Agricultural Research towards greater impact on global Challenges



The first meeting of the Joint EIARD SCAR Strategic Working Group was convened by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs – the institution responsible for Coordination of the ERA-ARD II project funded under the EC 7th Framework programme. It was held in Brussels on 17th and 18th September 2013.

The Coordination team described in very simple terms the Mode of Operation of the SWG. After discussion at the 2nd meeting of the SWG, the document was revised and consider as suitable for use.


The Joint EIARD SCAR Strategic Working Group comprises representatives from both EIARD and SCAR who are committed and willing to invest time in the activities of the SWG.


The name of the Joint EIARD SCAR Strategic Working Group – European Agricultural Research towards greater impact on global CHallenges (ARCH) - was adopted by members at the 3rd meeting in January 2014.

Coordination Team

In the initial phase the group is led by Co-chairs from Netherlands and Germany appointed during the first meeting held in Brussels in September 2013. The position of Co-chair will be reviewed annually.

The Co-chairs and the person providing support will become the ARCH Coordination Team which meet by teleconference and skype and exchange on a regular basis by e-mail.

The Coordination Team prepare ARCH meetings including a meeting venue, draft agendas and ensure that relevant documents and presentations are prepared. In addition, the Coordination Team prepare a record of meetings.


Regular meetings will be held and considerable emphasis will be put on communication of its work and recommendations to a broad range of stakeholders through national bodies, SCAR, EIARD and others.

It is expected that there will be 3 to 4 meetings a year in the initial phase although the frequency will depend on need. Efforts will be made to take advantage of meeting back to back with other meetings that are likely to be attended by members.

Any ARCH member may convene an ARCH meeting.

External person may be invited on an ad hoc basis to participate in the meetings should their participation be considered to add value to meetings.

ARCH Activities

ARCH organises its activities in a Rolling Action Plan in order to provide a tool for planning, modification and reflection. Each action may comprise several activities and also activities in the short, medium and long term as relevant. Activities contributing to the objective of each action will be presented in a way which provides clarity of the expected outputs and who is the main person responsible. The Rolling Action Plan will enable monitoring of the activity.


Participants will, in general, cover their own costs. The group will be opportunistic accessing funds to cover specific activities whenever the possibility arises.


ARCH will report informally to the EIARD and SCAR Working Groups and provide a more formal and written report once a year to the EIARD European Coordination Group and the SCAR Plenary.


Regular reflection of achievements of the ARCH group will be made. Activities and their outputs and outcomes will be monitored by the Coordination Team and discussed at the ARCH meetings as needed.

An evaluation made will take place after 2 years and presented to EIARD and SCAR prior to a possible continuation.


This document is considered as a usable document for the initial phase and life of ARCH, but can be modified as needed.