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Useful articles and papers

Useful articles and papers

Useful articles and papers

Innovation in the European water sector - Science for Environment Policy, FUTURE BRIEF, Issue 10, February 2015

The Role of Research in Global Food and Nutrition Security - a discussion paper for EXPO 2015

COMMUNIQUÉ from Third Meeting of G20 Agricultural Chief Scientists - Main points from this high level meeting of the MACS voluntary Initiative

Connecting national agricultural research to international development CIRAD and INRA analysis and proposal - CIRAD and INRA analysis and proposal

DEVCO’s approach to research and innovation for sustainable agriculture -
Research and Innovation for sustainable agriculture and food and nutrition security

FAO State of Food and Agriculture 2014 - Innovation in family farming

Final Report draft from the Mid-Term Review (MTR) Panel of the CGIAR Reform

International dialogues under different instruments 10_04_2014 - Joint Committee Meetings and other Dialogues 2014-2015

Input to roadmap for a jointly funded EU-Africa Research & Innovation Partnership

IPCC Press release 31.03.2014 - IPCC Report: A changing climate creates pervasive risks but opportunities exist for effective responses. Responses will face challenges with high warming of the climate

JOLISAA Policy Brief for enhancing innovation by African smallholder farmers

New Climate Economy - Presentation for DFID

New Climate Ecoomy - Better Climate Better Growth - Synthesis Report

Report on the High Level Round Table Debate in “Innovation Serving Food and Nutrition Security in Europe and Africa” - Report from side event at the 5th EU-Africa Business Forum in Brussels on 1st April 2014.

SCAR ToR for 4th Foresight Expert Group (FEG4) - Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in the Bioeconomy - A Challenge for Europe

The Sustainable Intensification of European Agriculture - The RISE report comprises the first analysis of Sustainable Intensification in Europe.

Twelve Principles for Better Food and More Food from Mature Perennial Agroecosystems - Article by Roger Leakey, 2014

UNDP - Assessing Global Land Use - Factsheet - Trends in the agricultural sector and food supply chain point to a dramatic transformation over recent decades. The full report is available at  link

World Bank Report - “Designing and Implementing Agricultural Innovation Funds – Lessons from Competitive Research and Matching Grant Projects”.