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Our Strategy

Our Strategy


We seek to reduce poverty, to promote economic growth, food and nutrition security, sustainable management of natural resources in Africa, Latin America and Asia ...

...through effective and harmonized European investments and policies in ARD, promotion of international partnerships and support to capacity development.

EIARD Purpose

Coherent and relevant agricultural research initiatives and programmes at global, continental, sub-continental and national levels leading to development outcomes ...

... through the response to demand, the alignment with national and regional strategies and programmes, the generation of public goods, capacity development and diversified research partnerships

EIARD Outputs

  1. Effective coordination of European ARD policies
  2. Effective coordination of European investments in strengthening the CGIAR
  3. Effective coordination of European investments in strengthening ARD organizations at global, continental, and sub-continental levels, especially in Africa
  4. Effective coordination between European policies and investments in ARD and in rural development
  5. Effective advocacy, information, and communication about ARD

More information on the EIARD Strategy and its related activities can be found here.