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ERA-ARD beneficiary stakeholders: Southern and Emerging Advisory Group

During the first phase of ERA-ARD, a Southern Advisory Group was set-up to:

  • Advise the ERA-ARD programme about southern regional, sub-regional and national ARD policies, strategies, capacity etc.
  • Offer feedback on draft reports and proposals prepared by ERA-ARD
  • Challenge established Northern ERA-ARD thinking
  • Validate demand for the ERA-ARD joint and trans-national programmes
  • Provide the basis of a longer-term collaboration between Southern ARD programmes and ERA-ARD
  • Choose specialists from the South for participation in ERA-ARD

During the second phase of ERA-ARD, the scope and composition of the group was extended to include representatives of emerging economies. The Southern and Emerging Economies Advisory Group (SEAG) is composed by one member from each of the five Regional Fora, namely AARINENA, APAARI, CACAARI, FORAGRO and FARA. The TOR of the SEAG can be found here.