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Funded Projects

Funded Projects

Funded Projects

The 2nd Coordinated Call under ERA  ARD called for projects that contribute to “Improving rural livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa: Sustainable and climate-smart intensification of agricultural production”.

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Overview of projects (ERA-ARD-II)

Impact of conservation agriculture on macrofauna diversity and related ecosystem services for improved farmers’ cropping systems and livelihoods in highlands of Madagascar (CAMES)
Woody amendments for Soudano-Sahelian agriculture (WASSA)
Sustainable exploitation of wild silks in Sub-Saharan Africa (SEWS)
Providing sustainable field-to-market strategies on production intensification of selected key crops (SSOPI)
Developing and evaluating sustainable integrated farming systems for improvement of smallholder dairy production while optimizing crop production in milk shed areas of Malawi and Zambia (SISSISDP)
Comprehensive analysis of subsurface irrigation in SSA for an optimisation and adaption of an environmental friendly irrigation practice (CA-SubSurface-IR)

The 1st Coordinated Call under the ERA ARD was to contribute to exploring the opportunities and threats that bio-energy production poses for the rural poor in terms of food security, poverty alleviation and rural development and to investigate how bio-energy production influences land use and affects natural resources.

By clicking on the sub-tabs, you will find information about approved projects, reports, contact details, etc.

Three projects have co-produced a scientific paper on their work funded by ERA-ARD-I.