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Reduction of impact of biofuel production to food stock

Project Summary

Project objectives and main activities are:

  •  To investigate and select oil-seed plants, which could be grown in the soil of poor quality and with less inputs of mineral and organic fertilisers, also which could be grown as under sowing for food crops seeking to reduce usage of herbicides
  •  To evaluate their growing possibilities under different climatic conditions.
  •  To investigate optimal mixture composition of esters, made from oil of the selected plant seeds, waste fat of animal origin and used cooking oil, satisfying standard requirements as well as usage of glycerol as biofuel component.
  •  To investigate and to evaluate possibilities to use as forage the following waste products of oil and biodiesel fuel production: oilcake, production phases of phospholipids and glycerol.
  •  To evaluate impact of the produced biodiesel on exploitation properties of diesel engine and gas emissions.
  •  To perform technical-economical grounding of the impact of the developed biodiesel fuel production technologies on the changes in production volumes in food industries.
  •  Investigation of the role of regional, national and public policies for bioenergy on food security

Research Coordinator

Prutenis Janulis
Lithuanian University of Agriculture, Lithuania

Tel.: +370 37 75 22 92
Fax: +370 37 75 22 92
Website: http://www.lzuu.lt


3 years

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