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Bioenergy in Ukraine – possibilities of rural development and opportunities for local communities

Research Coordinator

Anna Grzybek

Tel.: 0048 22 542 11 04
Fax: 0048 22 542 11 06
Website: www.ibmer.waw.pl

Project Summary

Main objective of the project is to support of biomass use for energy and biofuels production in Ukraine considering sustainable development of rural areas.
Activities and particular aims of the project:
1. Estimation of legal conditions in scope of production and use of biomass and biofuels in Ukraine, indication on loopholes with solution proposal;
2. Calculation of biomass potential in Ukraine and estimation of exploitation opportunities, particularly on local level;
3. Socioeconomic analysis of influence of biomass and biofuels use on local communities’ development.
Project contributes to better planning in local energy generation development in Ukraine.


9 months