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Phase II

Phase II

Background information

The ERA-ARD-II transnational call for Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) was launched in 2012 and closed early 2013.

A total of 22 proposals were submitted to the Call Secretariat. Of these 17 met the requirements of the first two stages of the evaluation process: the Formality check and the National Eligibility check and were sent to peer reviewers. Applications for a total of about €5.6 Million were submitted for the total of €1.5 Million available.  The peer reviewers have now completed their work in a very satisfactory way and the third and final stage of the evaluation process has been completed on time.

The funders of the ERA-ARD II Transnational Call: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland met in Brussels on 10th July and made recommendations for funding of 6 projects. The Research Coordinators have now been notified and the contracting phase has now started.

The following projects have been approved for funding:
• “Impacts of Conservation Agriculture on Macrofauna diversity and related Ecosystem Services for improved farmers ‘cropping systems and livelihoods in Highlands of Madagascar (CAMES)” Research Coordinator from IRD, France

• “Woody Amendments for Soudano-Sahelian Agriculture (practices, impacts, potential, optimisation pathways) (WASSA) “ Research Coordinator from IRD, France

• “Sustainable Exploitation of wild silks in Sub-Saharan Africa” Research Coordinator from University of Ghent, Belgium

• “Smallholder Farmer Strategies to cope with Climate Change (SMACC)” Research Coordinator from BOKU, Austria

• “Developing and evaluating sustainable integrated farming systems for improvement of smallholder dairy production while optimizing crop production in milk shed areas of Malawi and Zambia. (IFS-SMADAP: MALAWI-ZAMBIA)” Research Coordinator from ART, Switzerland

• “A comprehensive Analysis of Subsurface Irrigation in SSA for an Optimisation and Adaption of an Environmental friendly Irrigation Practice (ComASI).” Research Coordinator from Kassel University, Germany

The contracting phase is planned to be completed by 15th October, so that projects can be initiated towards the end of the year or early in 2013.

Framework, Principles and Thematic Focus

Call Funding Commitments

Contact points

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact your National Call Contact, listed here.

In addition, questions can be directed to the ERA-ARD Transnational Call Secretariat:
Alex Percy-Smith

APS Consulting Services
Morelgangen 13
DK-3460  Birkerød

Telephone +45 20 72 75 09
skype name: alexpercy-smith

Frequently asked questions

You can find up-to-date FAQs and answers here.