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Phase II (2010 - 2013)

Knowledge sharing

Suggestions for a European portal on Agricultural Research for Development

It has always been a challenge to provide an overview of the diversity in the European offer and to guide partners towards collaboration in Agricultural Research for Development (ARD). Facing this challenge, this report provides suggestions for the concept and development of the European ARD portal - a portal of portals - aiming at the facilitation of access to European ARD information, expertise and collaboration partners as well as facilitating interaction and networking. The suggestions in this paper are formulated on the basis of an in-depth analysis of the needs for information and knowledge management solutions in ARD, the evaluation of the existing offer of ARD portals and consultations with Southern partners.

Strategy to joint programming

National coordination mechanisms in Europe, conclusions and suggestions

In Europe, at the national level, it appears that there is often insufficient dialogue between the different decision-makers involved in agricultural research for development to ensure consistency and effectiveness in the implementation of decisions. The responsibilities and degree of cooperation and information exchange vary per country. Better cooperation between funding agencies and different Ministries such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation agencies, Ministry of Science, Ministry of Agriculture is necessary in many countries.
This report is the result of activities that identified the practices at national level in 14 European countries, explored the opportunities and possible actions for generation of coherence, and attempted to facilitate the emergence of national coordination mechanisms. The effort aimed at improving national coordination at European country levels. 

Other communications

ERA-ARD Project Kick off meeting documents (Nov 2010)

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Dutch policy context (pdf)

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