About this portal

This site provides an overview of organisations and projects past and present in Europe which address the Global Challenges which have become a driver of European Agricultural Research.

In order to feed a population of 9 billion in 2050, the world needs to radically change consumption and production systems pursuing principles of inclusive green economy to produce more food with fewer resources ensuring food security, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity through agriculture. It can be achieved through collaboration, investment and innovation among all stakeholders. Research has a fundamental role to play in this process and ease of access to information is critical.

Agricultural Research (AR) focusses on national needs within Europe whereas Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) is dedicated to collaboration with and in developing countries working towards the Millennium Development Goals. AR and ARD are interlinked due to the global scale of the challenges including issues such as climate change and food and nutrition security.

This Portal of Portals provides a common entry point to websites of various organisations and projects working within the area of global issues.