A model of coordination: the "European Initiative for Agricultural Research for Development"

The European Initiative for Agricultural Research for Development (EIARD) is a permanent informal ARD policy coordination platform between the European Commission, Member States of the European Union, Switzerland and Norway.

  • Initiated in 1995, the Communication COM(97)126 on EIARD was recognised by the Council and European Parliament in 1997. Operating outside the normal EU "comitology" procedures (committee system), EIARD's effectiveness is ensured through its country representatives and by the endorsement of its role by the European Council and Parliament.
  • EIARD's goal is to promote and implement coherent European policies at international, regional and sub-regional levels in order to increase the impact of agricultural research for development (ARD) on poverty reduction, food security and sustainable management of natural resources in developing countries.
  • EIARD is implemented by a European Coordination Group, which meets annually, and a smaller Working Group, which ensures the continuing activities of EIARD. (see also governance)