Introduction to ERA-ARD

Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) plays a critical role in fighting poverty and hunger and in supporting more rapid and sustainable development in the poorest countries of the world. Most developing countries rely on agriculture as the engine for their economic growth, and more than 70% of the poor live in rural areas. In Europe, agriculture and food chains are increasingly confronted with challenges such as food safety, animal health and welfare, agro-biodiversity which clearly have a global dimension.

ARD is research which addresses the agricultural challenges and issues faced by developing countries, emerging countries and countries in transition. Agriculture is used in its broad sense and includes crops, livestock, forestry, fisheries, environment and natural resources management.

ARD includes capacity-building and research into agricultural production, productivity, storage, processing and marketing; dissemination, up-scaling, uptake and distribution of the research products; as well as policy, institutional and societal issues.

Agricultural Research for Development: a vital contribution to facing the challenges of the planet.