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The EIARD strategy is implemented by a European Coordination Group (ECG) consisting of representatives of each Member, appointed by their respective governments or the European Commission. It meets once a year during its annual meeting.

The ECG is therefore accountable to both individual European Governments (through their representatives) and to the EU Council of Ministers and the European Parliament, through the Commission.

  • The ECG elects an EIARD Chair from among its members, to serve for an agreed period of two to three years. The European Commission is permanent EIARD Vice-Chair.
  • An EIARD Executive Secretary is provided by one of the member countries. The Secretariat is hosted by the DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission. The Executive Secretary is responsible for the day-to-day management of EIARD.
  • A Working Group (WG) consisting of voluntary EIARD members ensures the continuing activities of EIARD, and operates as an "Executive Committee" of the ECG. It meets about four times a year, and is fully accountable to the ECG.
  • In addition to the WG there might be additional ad-hoc Working Groups and Task Forces depending on specific thematic needs which prepare draft reports and positions on specific issues, for endorsement by the WG and eventually the ECG.